Dr. Winona Stewart









     Dr. Winona Stewart is the Pastor, Director, and educator of the Crooked Places Made Straight International Centers. Dr. Stewart served

in the field of Education for any years when she heard the voice of God say to her, "For I will go before thee, and make the crooked places straight"

(Isaiah 45:2). She obeyed God's voice, and opened her own Christian school. Her thriving academy has been in existence for more than ten years, servicing children from kindergarten to the twelfth grade.

     Dr. Stewart Administers and adult education department, and has awarded numerous adults their high school diplomas. She has also established Stewart's University, including a Bible college where adults can focus on their future. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology, her Master of Education degree, and her Doctor of Divinity degree along with her Doctorate in Psychology and Counseling from Louisiana Baptist University.

     Having excelled in the field of Performing Arts, Dr. Stewart is an accomplished actress, composer, and play-write whose works are listed in the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. Her portrayal of the legendary Harriet Tubman has been performed all over America in sold-out theaters, nightly. Her most recent musical, "Step Up To Black Excellence," and has received the accolades of many admirers in the print media.

     As a pastor, Reverend Dr. Stewart continues to lead a congregation in the inner-city of Southwest Philadelphia. Her goal is to impact the urban community for Jesus Christ. She comes to us with a powerful testimony of God's miracle working power of deliverance, telling how she was transformed from a drug addict to a doctor!

     Doctor Stewart has labored in God*s vineyard for over twenty years through her street ministry, plays, and preaching the Word of God,there have been numerous healings, families delivered, and countless souls  saved.


To God is the glory! Great things He has done!



Gloria Tinsley








Gloria Tinsley was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and educated in the Philadelphia Public School System. After graduating from high school, Gloria attended and graduated from the Philadelphia Practical Nursing School.

     Gloria is a widow, a mother of three children, a grandmother, and a great-grandmother. She continues to reside in Philadelphia with her family.

     She is active in her church, serving on the Altar Guild for many years, volunteering for Vacation Bible School and singing in the church choir.

     Gloria loves flowers and enjoys gardening, drawing, sketching, and has enhanced her zeal for writing. She takes pride in her brand new book,

Inspirational Friends—New Beginnings,

which she hopes will be the first of many in an Inspirational Friends series for years to come.





Joselyn Mitchell

and pray 2-5-15.jpg


…And Pray…

is Joselyn’s first published work from a selection of ministry, mentoring, and workshop materials she has written.

Joselyn is an author, a poet, and an entrepreneur.  A graduate of Peirce Business College, with an Associates Degree in Business Administration; Joselyn is also a John Cassablanca Modeling and Talent Center graduate. Her talent has been , She has modeled for a number of designers, department stores, fashion franchises, and local fashion events, and has also acted in a number of gospel plays. Her first Spoken Word/Rap CD, “Look At ME/Look At You," was recorded in 2013 along with the mentoring music video, “Mirror Mirror,” from the, “Look At Me/Look At You,” project.

Joselyn enjoys mentoring youths and consulting with other entrepreneurs. Her talents and gifts flourish in the areas of evangelism and administration.


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