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"Recieved this book as a gift. I wish someone had given this to me a long time ago. I'm certain that my crooked places would have become a lot less crooked a lot sooner."


B. Daniels, Boston, MA

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Crooked Places Made Straight (2007)

ISBN# 978-0-9795916-0-0 (paperback--$15.00)

Everyone experiences crooked places in life. Troubles tend to come and go, but knowing how to get around and through your troubles is key to having a successful journey.

New author, Dr. Winona Stewart, has provided solid and insightful direction, demonstrating how life's crooked places can be made straight for willing souls.

A companion workbook is also available for study purposes!







Inspirational Friends (2010)

ISBN# 978-0-615-32534-7 (paperback--$12.00) 

New author, Gloria Tinsley, makes her writing debut with her first published series edition.  

Series one of Inspirational Friends provides a spiritual blueprint that challenges young girls to make character building choices. 

 The story opens spiritual growth opportunities between new-found friendships; depicting strong examples of the bond between a mother and her daughter. 


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Reviewers Say

"This book journeys into the many situations teenagers face, from a passing of a parent to learning to get along with peers. Get the book Inspirational Friends

(A New Beginning)"


Philadelphia, PA

...AND PRAY... (2015)

ISBN# 978-0-9795916-3-1 (paperback--$7.00)


Introducing, new author, Joselyn Mitchell! She has used her heart for prayer to develope an  innovative and instructive ministry tool that is useful to every new and seasoned church leader.


Based on II Chronicles 7:14, she systematically demonstrates how to establish and grow church ministries to dispense spiritual coverings for the commonwealth and governmental authorities through united prayer.


This guide is a great source of help for any group seeking to advance the Kingdom of God!


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Historical Fiction

I Black Pharaoh Cover.jpg

See ancient Kemet before it became, Egypt. In this fascinating work of historical fiction, author, Emmanuel Kulu, Jr., reveals modern-day Egyptian secrets.


Discover clues as to why the Egyptian government is replacing ancient images of Kemet's pharaohs and queens with misleading euro-images.

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Non-Fiction Reference


Now accepting fiction and non-fiction  faith-based manuscripts! 

Does the story of your marriage tell of times, good and bad, spent happy and sad, and how love and forgiveness made your marriage glad?

We look forward to publishing for you!  


"Universal reflections of the imagination; inspiring, but influential; where the power of words swoop in and carry away."


Rene' Thompson