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Believe! Now, Go Become That!

April---almost twenty years ago---before Jesus snatched me out of this world, Ichthus Inspirational Publications began inside an apartment broom closet. After Jesus, my life changed. Today, I not only help more clients get published, but I've also become the writer my third-grade teacher, Mrs. Mushlettes, told me I would someday be.

As with all things, time is part of the process of getting to where you're going. The key to getting to your destiny is getting up every day and working to that end. Working to achieve goals takes more than physical effort. Our minds should agree with our hopes; our words should agree with our hopes to achieve, and our words should agree with God's promises.

You see, before Jesus, I decided to become a publisher because of a rejection letter I had received from a publishing company. I had no clients, so I published whatever I chose to write. The rejection letter sparked a fiery determination inside of me to show myself approved.

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After Jesus, I decided to become a publisher who would dedicate time to helping Christian writers get published. As the years passed, Jesus sent first, second, third, and fourth clients, plus, to me. The experience motivated me to offer my clients more time, more of myself, and the services they needed. I made this choice because I learned Christ had approved me before I had received that rejection letter.

One morning, I reached a point of inadequacy. I had a little talk with Jesus about it. Reading my Bible, this passage was engraved on heart: "and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do" (Genesis 11:6 KJV). It wasn't until I began to study my Bible that my life and my purpose took on a new direction. I soon realized the rejection letter didn't define me or my destiny.

As a child in the third grade, the anointing to write was in me before I was born. I didn't know it then, but Mrs. Mushlettes saw it! Had she not spoken the words to me, my gift for writing might have wilted---my zeal to write for God might not have escalated into a passion for helping Christian writers get published. I don't mind giving away my imagination if doing so helps someone else realize their dreams.

For me, it's not about the money; it all about serving God with the gifts He poured into me. Since 2000, Ichthus Inspirational Publications has been my ministry (we all have a ministry). My life's purpose is to use my company to serve my clients with the best of me. Today, not only am I a publisher/business owner, but I am also a development editor, a literary agent, and an author.

Whatever goals we desire to achieve, God is the One who placed them inside of us before we are born. He places our goals within our hearts and shows us what they are to us in our dreams. Goals are what God uses to secure our hopes of becoming the person, He created us to be. All we must do is believe we can accomplish them. When we believe we can achieve whatsoever we desire, we get up, go work at it, and become that.

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