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Heaven is Calling!

Just when it looks like Satan's plan to ruin mankind is successful, the Holy Spirit of the Living God, Yahweh in Christ Jesus waves His mighty hand across the Earth. Now, look again and see what the Lord has done.

Heaven is calling! What may be a final call to repentance is reaching the hearts and hearing of the unrighteous. His call cannot be silenced. And because of them to whom the call is sent, His call is hard to ignore.

Oh-ho-ho yes! The power of the Holy Spirit is visibly active in the Earth and He will is not to be denied! What's the Holy Spirit doing? He is correcting a deceptive wrong; a scheme that trips-up, bamboozles and kills millions of misguided souls. It is my good pleasure to share something this miraculous news.

Kevin Whitt, gave his life to Christ on Easter Sunday 2019! In case you're wondering, who is he and what's so special about him? Kevin Whitt is a former transexual and drag performer. He told hundreds of members of the LBGTQ community he had been told by a gender therapist, "'Well, you were supposed to be born a woman'" (Showalter 2019).

Whitt informed his audience that he had not experienced "conversion therapy" and openly confessed, "'But, what I did go through and who is my conversion therapist is Jesus Christ." The repentant, Whitt, in the Christian Post article, also said, 'I now know that I'm a man, ... God created me to be a man. And I may not be as masculine as the next man, and I might have a little residue from my past, but I am still a man.'"

But wait, I have more good news to share! Kevin Whitt is not the only member of the Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Gay, Transexual, Queer community delivered out of Satan's fog. Hundreds upon hundreds are stepping into the Light of Jesus Christ!

Men who were surgically transformed into women and women who were surgically transformed into men now realize they made a mistake. The realization has driven many of them to have the alterations performed on their bodies, reversed.

Photo by Bret Kavanaugh on Unsplash

Now, we may or may not understand the who, what, when, where or why of it all, that's not important. What's important about this amazing news is the will of Almighty God is manifesting in the Earth. It's equally important to recognize the power of the Holy Spirit bringing lost souls into the knowledge of Christ. Best of all, Whitt and others like him, because of their repented hearts, are washed in the blood of the Lamb and are saved children of God!

What a wonderful blessing of grace to live to see such a time as this! Not only does it prove that Lesbians, Bi-sexuals, Gays, Transexuals, and Queers were not conceived and born contrary to the purpose of God for mankind, but it also proves God loves them enough to remove their blinders and welcome them into the grace of salvation.

Skeptic Christians, which I shall not name, question the degree of sincerity of the repented LBGTQ's. They question whether these converted souls are frightened of being killed and are feigning repentance. They contend that Whitt and others are using the name of Jesus as a way to self-protect from being targeted by murdering haters.

My answer to them is this: Jesus is nobody's fool. Knowing the hearts of all men He addressed hypocrisy in Matthew 7:15-23. He said, "by their fruits, ye shall know them." In other words, genuine repentance generates a new creature in Christ. The men will no longer desire men and the women will no longer lust after women. God's natural order in which they were born will, by the Holy Spirit, govern their choices. The desires of their hearts will be given to them by God through the right relationship with Christ Jesus.

Without question, God will neither be mocked nor will He be taken for a fool. Don't forget, He is the All-Knowing Living God. He is not some dumb idol carved out of wood or stone by the hands of men.

To skeptical Christians, I say this, rejoice! Don't criticize these people. The fact that the conversions are taking place in the world should be a sign to you that Heaven is calling! The call is for all men to repent and return to God. Too often, Christians are usually the first to say, "nobody's perfect, we all make mistakes." However, most Christians are less accepting and understanding when it comes to LBGTQs seeking a relationship with the Lord and Savior.

Here's a perfect example of what I mean.

According to KWTV, channel 9, members of a Blackwell, Oklahoma church allegedly attacked and assaulted a gay couple during services. One of the victims, whose mother is a member of The First Assembly of God Church, alleges he was held down by some members who beat him while the others watched and spoke in tongues intending to "pray the gay away." Sean, the victim, suffered multiple bruises while his boyfriend, Gary Gardner, was physically thrown out of the church doors.

Photo by Luan Cabral on Unsplash

Now you know that is like, multi-level-wrong! These so-called members of the body of Christ, instead of a show of love and friendliness, behaved more like members of a satanic cult or the early church crusaders abusing unbelievers in the name of Jesus the Christ.

Neither Jesus nor His Disciples ever attacked and bruised anyone. Instead of making Christ look good, the "12-15" hostile church-goers made Jesus seem like a bully in the eyes of millions of lost souls, which begs the following questions: will people calling themselves Christians ever learn how to follow the example of Jesus Christ? Are Christians like the members of the First Assembly of God Church the ones who coined the phrase, Nobody's perfect? Does "we all make mistakes" justify ungodly living?

We may never know. But what I do know is this: whether he is preaching from the pulpit or is chairman of the Deacon Board or is president of the Ladies Auxiliary, the devil attends the First Assembly of God Church in Blackwell, Oklahoma. Because of their alleged brutality, that so-call body of Christ may be facing legal charges for the mishandling of their fellow man.

The following is a reaction to this story written by blogger and LBGTQ supporter James Finn

"Somebody should be telling Sean that he’s perfect just the way he is. He is not in need of repair, whether through prayer and speaking in tongues or by any other means. Whether one, views “nature” or a conscious God as Sean’s creator, he was certainly created gay. He certainly experiences sexual attraction to other men because of his innate biology. He can’t change that (which he admits), and he’s no less deserving of intimate, loving human relationships than anyone else on earth."

In light of the growing number of retransitioning and repentant souls vacating the LBGTQ community, it appears James Finn stands corrected. According to Walt Heyer, formerly Laura, Sean can change his lifestyle choice because his thoughts and conscious decisions to be gay have nothing to do with "innate biology." If Walt Heyer's testimony does not persuade you of this, read Kevin Whitt's story in the Christian Post. And if after reading about Walt and Kevin, you are not fully persuaded, read Professor Paul McHugh's professional opinion on the matter.

The bottom line? Heaven is calling all mankind to repentance. There is nothing to fear. Satan can not harm anyone for obeying God's call to come into a right relationship with Him through Christ Jesus. Surely you know by now the Bible establishes natural relationships between males and females; not men and men or women and women. Heaven's call is given to set the world straight! Consider this a miracle, a sign of Christ's return or a warning to every decision making adult to get their hearts right before the dreadful "day of the LORD" unexpectedly arrives.

Personally, my heart is glad for people like Kevin Whitt, Walt Heyer and the hundreds of re-transitioners and repented LBGTQ souls. Heaven's angels are rejoicing over them, too! The sincere ones are legally and spiritually free of Satan's clinical biological deceptions. Now, they, too, are entitled to receive the free gift of salvation in Christ the Lord.

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