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The Glorified Body Pt. 1

Today's good news is a three-part series called the Glorified Body. In this series, I will unfold an area of the supernatural that few church pastors are willing to preach because the Bible reveals so little about this truth. To ensure you receive the depth of clarity, I will begin where the mystery of the glorified body began.

Believers in Christ reap tremendous supernatural benefits. We love our Lord and Savior, Jesus and because we keep his words, we are privileged to have the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost making their abode with us. You can verify what I'm saying in the book of John 14:23. The supernatural benefits of God are eternal. The benefits of God don't wear out over time, unlike our natural bodies or clothes and shoes. God's benefits may not seem apparent all the time, but they are forever, nonetheless. Take Adam, for example. God created him a glorified body; incorruptible, immortal, sinless, an eternal living soul. In Adam, we can see God's plan for the man He created in His image and likeness. And while Adam obeyed God, he and his woman retained eternal life in the glory of God. The day Adam chose to disobey God, he abandoned his glorious covering, and God's warning took effect. In Genesis 2:17 we find the first demonstration of "thou shalt surely die." And because our God overflows with grace and mercy; corruption, aging, and eventually, death did not consume Adam's mortal body until "930 years" after his spiritual death.

Since Adam's fall, death is the way of mankind. The Earth, a paradise lost, has evolved into a proving ground. A global graveyard. A place where mortals are born to die and decay because of Adam's disobedience. The death of Adam's son, Abel, caused by the hand of his brother Cain, is the second and the third demonstration of "thou shalt surely die." Adam's sin initiated a perpetual generational death-inheritance for all people. And although the earth flooded with water, Noah, the righteous also had inherited the sin of death and corruption.

Death. An expected end. A natural way of life. I say death is the natural way of life because life for Adam's seed isn't eternal until the sole and spirit leaves the body upon death. In First Kings 2:2, King David referred to death this way, "I go the way of all the earth." Joshua said, "And, behold, this day, I am going the way of all the earth." Hence, my metaphor likening the Earth to a massive graveyard. Something else worth mentioning here is this: the "earth" referred to by King David and Joshua, the fate of mankind, is the dust of soil.

But God has an alternative plan. A loving, gracious, redeeming plan. His salvation plan and purpose for His image propels in full force, and He chose Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, King David, Christ Jesus and everyone in between, including you and me, to be about His business. As the planets orbit the sun, God's plan for man is spherical. You will discover this if you read and study the Bible for yourself.

The Apostle Paul wrote, in First Corinthians 15:45 "And so it is written, the first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit." This quickening Spirit referred to by Paul is Jesus. His quickening Spirit is the power of the Resurrection. Jesus revealed this truth to Lazarus's sister, Mary in John 11:25 saying, "I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live." Jesus clarified Mary's misconception of him by simply calling out, "Lazarus, come forth." Not only did Jesus restore joy to Mary and Martha that day, but He also strengthened their faith in Him. Here, believers in Christ, is another of, as King David said of the Lord, "all His benefits."

The quickening Spirit in Christ is the power that resurrected Him from the grave. According to Matthew 27:52, the actionable power of Christ's quickening Spirit caused, "graves to open, and many bodies of the saints which slept arose." This same Spirit of Christ will do the same for His church when He returns. Paul told the First Corinthians in chapter 15:51. "Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed."

A preview of the glorifying quickening spirit as it emanated through Moses's face is found in Exodus 34:30 to 35. But the most revealing sighting of Jesus's quickening Spirit emanating through His tabernacle is found in the Gospel of Matthew 17 which reads, "And after six days Jesus taketh Peter, James, and John his brother, and bringeth them up into a high mountain apart, And was transfigured before them: and his face did shine as the sun, and his raiment was white as the light. And, behold, there appeared unto them Moses and Elias talking with him."

We, as born-again believers in Christ, carry the light of Christ within us. A spark, if you will, that shines from within; a spark that will ignite and illuminate our glorified bodies when Christ returns.

Be sure and read part two. I'm sharing the science behind the glory-light of the Resurrection.

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