• Rene Thompson

The Most High, Mary is NOT!

Reading Ronnie Smith's, Roses for the Most-High, from a heart for Christ, I found myself immersed in pools of liquid rituals and traditions. The ebb and flow of romantic poetics in this complimentary copy dragged my spirit from the shores of Solomon's Song to Apocrypha texts. From houses of mystics to Mary holding baby Jesus, the writing is lovely in some cases yet ineffective in most. However, for readers steeped in the Catholic faith, this book is perfect for a chilly quiet evening indoors.

Readers who are not of the Catholic faith may not be inclined to cozy up with Roses for the Most High. While the title connotes a "universal church" tone, the content reveals unfamiliar repetitive symbolic language. Non-Catholic Christians will, more likely than not, disconnect from terms like "Mystical Path," "Queen of Heaven (Mary)," and allegorical halo light (the Holy Spirit) encircling her head.

Roses for the Most High, is eloquent poetry rich in cadence and religious voice. However, the "Most High" as most Christians relate to Him is represented by the persona of Jesus's mother. Definitive acknowledgment of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is sparse and metaphoric at best. The presence of the Holy Spirit of God is difficult to discern above and between the lines due to minimal references. To this reader, the "Roses" are for Mary and the Mystics, instead of Christ the LORD.

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