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What Do You Expect?

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Photo by Mert Guller on Unsplash

In these last days, days that come and go faster than most of us care to recall, believers wait, by faith, to receive the things for which they hope. Faith, that "substance" which expands or lies dormant, is an invisible commodity germinating in a whispered word from God. As Paul explained in Romans 10:17, "faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Have you heard a word from God? Is your hope in His promise anchored to the expectation of your faith?

Believers need to understand the spiritual formula connected to seeing the "substance" of our faith. This spiritual formula is three-fold.

1.Faith in God.

2. The endurance of time with patience and hope.

3. Expectation.

What do you expect to see or receive as a result of your faith? The expectation element of the spiritual formula is the easy part. The expectation is a tangible element. You can see it in your hands or interact with it physically. Take me for example! I received a word from God that woke me up out of deep sleep. His voice was loud and clear. That happened five years ago.

Knowing God's word does not return to him unfulfilled, I put my faith in Him to work. Instead of doing nothing, like I had done the first four years, I started doing my due diligence in 2019. The results after a short time of activity amaze me! Since November, I get out of bed smiling! I'm full of hope knowing that my expectation is guaranteed by the promise I received from God.

While the process continues, I'll keep waiting by faith and not by sight. However, all that I've seen unfold between 2019 up to today, gives my faith a rocket boost of certainty. I seek God's guidance and praise Him diligently with undeniable hope.

God is up to something! I am excited for the day I shall see His word fulfilled, as always.

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