Welcome to the first ring of the Joy Bell!!


     It is our pleasure, here at Ichthus Inspirational Publications, to deliver a monthly newsletter that rings with good news, giving glory and honor to the

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,   

while offering scriptural teachings and encouragement.

Our mission is to publish quality delightful news that will enliven and uplift the lives and hearts of our readers.

    We sincerely hope you will find several reasons to smile when reading our newsletter. 

Our publications include true to life stories submitted by people who have good news and edifying testimonies they have agreed to share.

    The Joy Bell is an alternative to the tragic sadness reported by everyday news.  Our point is this: news reports can be good news, especially when the Joy Bell rings.


      Our prayer is that you will grab hold onto the Word of God, hide His truth in your heart, obey, and allow God’s unfailing Word to transform and renew your mind, so that you can live the abundant life which God has purposed just for you. 


Be ye ever blessed,

R. Thompson





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January 29, 2019

The Potters House, overseen by Bishop T. D. Jakes covers 20K+ believing worshipers. Therefore, I say, it would be wise for media reporters and secular publications to take their mouths off the men and women of God ...

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